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Jobs, Economy and the Great Lakes: Vital to the Nation's Economy Fact Sheet Harmful Algal Blooms in Lake Erie
More than 1.5 million Great Lakes-related jobs generated $62 billion in wages, in 2009. The Jobs, Economy and Great Lakes report, produced in February 2011, focused on the economic benefits of Great Lakes-related jobs to the region. This fact sheet breaks down the analysis, showing that the Lakes are key to the region's economy in many ways.

Available as a PDF download
This poster unpacks the history and science behind Lake Erie's now-annual algal bloom. Learn why Lake Erie experiences so many harmful algal blooms and how scientists are using innovative tools to understand and hopefully prevent these blooms in the future. Complete with a timeline of milestones in the fight against blooms in Lake Erie, this 39" x 27" poster is a useful guide for offices or high school and college classrooms.