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Restoring the Marsh: Phragmites Removal and Monitoring Dabblers and Divers
Great Lakes marshes are valuable wetland habitats, full of nutrients that help support diverse plant and animal life. They also provide ecological services such as water filtration and flood protection along the coast. However, many marsh habitats are threatened by pollution, development and non-native aquatic invasive species, like Phragmites.

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This poster helps you find clues on identifying the duck as a dabbler or diver.
Crayfishes of Michigan Life of the Lakes, guide to the Great Lakes fishery
Crayfishes of Michigan
List Price: $10.00
Price: $10.00
Explore the wild world of freshwater crayfish! This 26" x 37" poster showcases 10 types of native and invasive crayfish commonly found in Michigan’s rivers, lakes, and streams. Full-color images and detailed descriptions help make identification a breeze.
From the earliest days, people have been drawn to the beauty, resources and way of life found in the Great Lakes. This book explores the part that the fishery has played in the life of the Great Lakes, examining the management, history, present and future of the lakes from a regional perspective.
Guide to Great Lakes Coastal Plants Guide to Great Lakes Fishes
Guide to Great Lakes Coastal Plants
Price: $26.95
Sale Price: $20.75
The definitive book for identifying the rich diversity of plant life throughout Great Lakes coastal and wetlands areas. Use this handy waterproof guide for successful Great Lakes fish identification.
Field Manual of Michigan Flora
Comprehensive guide to plants in Michigan. Fantastic resource for the professional or casual student of natural resources.