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Harmful Algal Blooms in Lake Erie (FREE) Take a Kid Fishing! MID-MICHIGAN: Guide to public lakes and rivers A graphic that shows the life cycle of a Lake Sturgeon.
Lake Sturgeon Life Cycle
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This FREE poster unpacks the history and science behind Lake Erie's now-annual algal bloom. Learn why Lake Erie experiences so many harmful algal blooms and how scientists are using innovative tools to understand and hopefully prevent these blooms in the future. Complete with a timeline of milestones in the fight against blooms in Lake Erie, this 39" x 27" poster is a useful guide for offices or high school and college classrooms. Use this guide to get started on your next fishing adventure in the Mid-Michigan area. The map shows fishing access sites on local lakes and streams, and the fish illustrations on the reverse side of the map help identify many of the common fish species found in these bodies of water. Other information includes the do's and don'ts of living or recreating near water, and tips for preparing and eating the fish you catch.

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This educational poster celebrates the lake sturgeon, a native Great Lakes species with important ties to Michigan's Indigenous communities.
Beautiful Belle Isle: Detroit’s Unique Urban Park (water-resistant) image of great lakes Michigan Watersheds
Michigan Watersheds
Price: $10.00
Take a self-guided tour of Belle Isle with this 24-page, water-resistant, wire-bound flip book (7.25"x5"). Belle Isle Park is located in the Detroit River, which flows between the United States and Canada. As you bike, paddle, drive, or walk around Belle Isle, learn about the history and features of this beautiful state park at your own pace. Historical photographs give a glimpse into the island's past, and the accompanying text gives a bite-sized taste of how this 1.5-square mile park came to be. This map, showcasing the Great Lakes Basin, demonstrates just how large the lakes and their drainages are. Perfect for the classroom! The 2021 updated Michigan Watersheds Map is a fantastic way to illustrate a personal connection to the waters of the Great Lakes.